Monday, November 8

When you don't really belong here

Hey all... The displaced frequency's leading a demented life, torn between the atrocities of pains and pleasures. But life still goes on, I gotta get used to living without, living without, living without you by my side.... I don't wanna live alone! baby can't you see? Damn, been ages since I ever heard of that song from the queen, and I still know the lyrics. I bet I can still play it. Queen... Freddie Mercury? You know what? You don't really belong here! Nobody'd give a flying fudge if you would or you wouldn't exist! It's just your demented songs and your voice that makes us miss you. We don't really care.

Sorry mates, got carried away... but that's the most important lesson in life. You live, you die, but in the end who cares? No one does mates. It's only you for yourselves. As I'm for me.

This is a short note from the displaced frequency, a reminder that we do and don't exist.

Friday, November 5

Diwali: Illumination

 Hey all! Been almost a month... Wow, seems like ages since I wrote. Urm... today I'd like to explain the importance of Diwali, i.e. the Indian Christmas and it's waaaaaaaaay cooler than the conceptual christmas. To begin with, the Indian food and the Indian clothing (du'uh, always the best and awesomeness). Then, fireworks, vedic chants, warmth, colors, lights, brightness illumination... Happiness. That's what Diwali's about. Like, christmas is just a meal, a few gifts and some lights, but Diwali is welcome to the new, clean up and suspension of the dark. What's more awesome is, it's a little after halloween, and a little before christmas. So yay! Celebration.

Okay, now that I've talked about why Diwali's so awesome, I might get on to telling on what it actually is. Diwali's referred to as the festival of lights. The Hindu people decorate their houses with lights, diyas, candles, flowers, rangolis (colored pattern made out of powdered color on ground) to make everything seem bright and awesome. We start the festivity from a week before with cleanup and disposal of waste. Waste is evil and occupies the productive space, so that way we're giving space to the God within us to come out.

Next step goes three days before Diwali when the new is bought, followed by the prayer of books. Now, the new is bought to reward oneself for bringing out the inner goodness and aslo, it's the day of donation. The prayer of books is the prayer of wisdom. The books have heard enough to be able to speak out the stories, therefore we are worshipping the onseeker of knowledge.
Now, clean up, rennovation, finishing takes a heck load of time, so a week of clean up should do it. Then finally it's Diwali! Yay! Everyone gets Indian sweets, everyone dressed in Indian clothes, everyone prayed the Vedic way, everyone lights a lot of lights and yay fireworks! Moreover, there's a Diwali special sweet called gujia. Awesome-ish enough, we people actually like the taste of feast. Diwali is all about giving, you see, so go give gifts to loved ones, to unloved ones and be polite to even your arch enemies, which I believe should be there through out the year so that there's no hatered in this world of ours. We live in the Vedic period of Kalayuga, where our inner God is losing itself. Let us speak words of kindness and put forward hearts of compassion to bring it out. =)

To why is it so important, is that it is the return of Sri Rama, the Indian God referred to as the Maryada Purushottama i.e. the man of highest regard with his wife Sita after fourteen years of living in a forest under the Aryan sect of discipline. After a victorious and virtuous battle of Karma of good over evil, he returns to his land of reign, Ayodya (i.e. the land where there is no war). His highness had been greeted with lights, and Diwali is said to be celebrated ever since.

Actually, the whole world's about happy endings. We never let our idols be in peril in a story and always manage to save them with nothing short of miracles, practically to awaken our inner faith system and make ourselves feel free and much more strong, with hope faith and love within us happening time and time again. Right now, I gotta finish last minute shopping with my mum, and then pray in the evening and, no this year I'm not bursting crackers, rather shooting them with my camera. Much love and happy Diwali everyone!

Tuesday, October 12

Hare Krsna

Krsna conciousness movement is taking place involuntarily on you. I swear, it's the truth!

By the way, hey everyone! Had an awesome exam sickened week, preparing for another sick class week next. First you take science, then you take insomnia, then you take health problems, and then you graduate. Damn it! Life is paranoid. But still beautiful. Isn't that why we're still alive? At least that's so in the words of a friend I got to talk to after a long long time.

Krsna conciousness is an initiative by ISKCON, an organisation which is currently running AMAZING offering hope and life to many in the form of God and prayers under His Bhaktivedanta Srila Prabhupadhya. What's really amazing about them is that this guy, has worked with George Harrison, and many pioneer rockers of 70's, particularly the phsycadellic ones (which is indeed awesome).

How did I find it? Well it so happened some last month ago, mum was gonna drop me to school, as usual, in her car. She turned on the radio and there were chants you know... No not those ultimate hulladbaazi (noisy in a Ted Nugget way) chants. But a choir softly singing to the sound of a single acoustic guitar,
"Krsna Krsna Chaitanya
Krsna Chaitanya
Hare Krsna Hare Rama
Rama Rama"
And really that sounded like some acoustic soft rock riff which stays with you and keeps a certain smile even on the though of that. That was my first encounter to Krsna. When I came home, I tried to find that one particular. I ended up downloading a George Harrison album called "The Radha Krsna Temple" which had some REALLY good ones but not the one that I was looking for. I just can't find that particular version. But I did found some really cool facts on the Krsna conciousness movement.

For example, it all started with a Hinduism book gifted to him in Bahamas, and the quiet Beetle (George Harrison) gave some really amazing songs. Stuff like My Sweet Lord.

(Notice the Hare Krsna)

Try Reciting it at least once!

The japa of the Mahamantra, also known as the Hare Krsna mantra in popular culture actually induces happiness. Really, first it comes out of the well-it's-funny feeling. Then it goes to a this-sounds-somewhat-cool syndrome. Then it goes like, well-it's-fun stage. And then you feel happy about it.

The meaning of Krsna is all attractive. Wow! No wonder the Gopis were always fascinated with him.

Sri Krsna is the manipulator of right and wrong, the void between man and God, and the God of nothing. That's the imperfection in him, that he is so perfect.

No, I do NOT work for this movement, but just it fascinates me that people have been praying Krsna without knowing who he is. I do not worship him, but I just respect him and wish to see what Krsna's most raw state must have been. I am currently reading the SrimadBhagwadGita, which is a dialogue between Sri Krsna and Arjuna before the war of Mahabharata. Now, I know it's mythologic, but there's historical evidence to that. Moreover, 95% of the things in the scriptures are highly personified and waaaaaaaay to metophoric. For example, the god of skies closed the clouds so that the Kauravas thought it was getting dark and time to stop the battle. However, it was just a lot of horses running therefore creating a sand cloud.

Srila Prabhupadhya has a lot to offer on Krsna. Try googling him, you'll find a HECK lot of interviews, and go through some. You'll be fascinated, perhaps as much as I am.

That's pretty fascinating litterally, cuz Sri Krsna is what we all consist of, and what we all make together.

-Peace out!


Thursday, September 23


Friends, lovers, and readers... Lend me thy ears! Okay, eyes rather. But whatever...
An eye for an I.
What an IDEA sirji!

I am officially back, and... well, not like I was away or anything. Whatever, I just haven't been on. That's about it. I am in particular, both, happy and bummed. Happy because I don't know why... bummed because I can't figure out why I am happy. But then again, the world's a merry go round. The higher it gets, the merrier it is. And such is life dearies. Now over the last month, I added my mum to my facebook list, I can't seem to be active on facebook much and my mum's actually getting friend requests from my friends. (Go figure). Actually, the fact that I have the coolest mother on the planet.

Today the Displaced Frequency shall write only for the sake of writing as the topic I am going to be focusing on isn't actually worth attention as it is prone to commotion.

The Babari Masjid-Rama Mandir issue verdict is delayed (again) in the supreme court. When BJP was in power, the archeologists (unfortunately) discovered Ayodhya (The birth place of Sri Rama). Now at that moment, the Hindutva party (a.k.a. BJP) had removed the Masjid from there and made a Rama Mandir instead. Couldn't Sri Rama live in a masjid instead? He was Maryada Purushottam (the most pious man) after all (or so claim the scriptures)... I am damn sure he wouldn't want people to be switching their fate over something so irrelevant as a place of worship, as all religions claim God to be omnipotent.

Now this is what the government in action back then should've done: call in legal people, have a mandir next to masjid, that's about it. There we go, unity and dignity. Yay! Everyone happy! But no, they HAD to remove the masjid; cause a controversy; and bring on riots. Seriously, rips apart my nerves (in anger, obvious).

Actually, politics is a very manipulative institution. A very famous chain letter (most are junk, some are good) from the Bush era:-

President Bush went to an elementary school to speak to grade 5 students.

After glorifying the United States, and why they have the best country in the world (in theory), he asked if any child had any questions. Little boy Mark raised his hand. President Bush asked him his name and question.

The timid little boy Mark said, "I am Mark Mathhews, Mr. President sir... And I have a few questoins. Why did U.S. attack Iraq without the approval of U.N.? Where is Osama? And why does the U.S. support Pakistan so much?"

Mr. President Bush sir, complimented Mark, "you are indeed a very intellegent boy little Mark." At this point, the lunch bell rang. "Okay kids, we'll talk later after the lunch break."

After the lunch break the kids assembled in their class with President Bush standing in front of them. "Does anyone have any question?"

Another timid innocent hand went up. This time it was little girl Susie. "Mr. President, sir my name is Susie G. And I have 5 questions. Why did U.S. attack Iraq without the approval of U.N.? Where is Osama? Why does U.S. support Pakistan so much? Why did the lunch bell rang before twenty minutes? And last, where is Mark?"

And such is politics. Today it's God to blame, and God knows who tomorrow. Untill then

Peace out!

-Yours truly
Oh! I almost forgot to mention about the photos. They are taken from a construction site near my cramschool. I find it pretty cool of how life can be so different and hard for some people and they cary on without knowing if anything better exists. It's as if they are living in that moment as a whole. Living up to the max best. That's pretty awesome. Respect to them, and I shall (try to) study pretending that nothing better exists. We all do find people to look up to, to respect and regard. Cheers! Oh that, and the last photo is my footstep casted in my own shadow. I walk a little faster than normal people when I am to walk alone so... This is the clearest image I can get of myself. (When I am undergoing displacement).

Tuesday, August 31

Pandora's Box and the Day "Hope" lived

"I read the fuck out of every book I can get my hands on"
is the quote written in a T-shirt walking ahead on me. In the nerd's paradise, and a bookaholic's dreamland, these T-shirts aren't so weird. In fact, as I see this T-shirt walks me by, I feel like buying one. Of course, in a different color. Anyway, I'm getting deviated from the point.

My point is not the least bit in regard with books, rather with Greeks. The Greek mythology. Who doesn't know the story of Prometheus? Yes, the one who stole fire from the Gods only to hand it over to the mortals? To those who don't know, the story is as follows:-

The Gods created the Iron Age of mortals, far less superior (completely incompetent and inferior, rather) so as to be superior from the humans in all forms. They (Gods) possessed the gift of fire (i.e. knowledge) and one of them was Titans, who was of the almost human shape. Far more intellectually superior and went by the name, Prometheus.

He stole the gift of fire from the Gods and handed it over to the mortals.

Zeus (the king of Gods), who was furious for such treachery, punished Prometheus by tying him to a rock and having a giant eagle eat out his liver which grew everyday only to be eaten. Another punishment to Prometheus was the creation of Pandora, the first woman. (In every cult, woman is symbolic of a sin to men).Pandora was made out of earth (i.e. Nature, symbolic of woman) and hence was given gifts (i.e. qualities a woman possesses). She was sent off to marry Prometheus' brother. On her way she took along her box which she was forbidden to open. But like the Eve from the Bible, curiosity got better of her and she opened her box leaving all the evils fly into the mortal world, however only hope remained inside.
I have been very hopeless off late. But as I read this story, I think I regain what I have lost. Why (a word favored science) does hope remain inside? I know now, so that there's a silent assurance, a wait, an illumination only on the inside. Hope can move the mountains. Hope is what it means to be alive, and hope is why the sun rises every morning, and why the bud flowers. I have found hope now, and not to lose it ever.

Now as hope moves mountains from my life, I can see a sun rising from my horizon, and a step going towards my Maktub.



Saturday, August 14

Reasons to lose Faith

Many of us are leading lives forcefully as if we have no will to live. And of course, this is how one leads life. Without faith, without hope and without a will. A silent dark life, with no existence, no reason and no meaning. That’s what life becomes after some time after you get used to being alive. As for someone who has lost faith, life isn’t a term lively enough.

I am not an atheist, but I don’t believe in a “God”. I believe that the world is based on a mechanism. That’s it. That mechanism needs to be acknowledged in order to learn of existence. That’s all about my spiritual view. The idea of a personal God breeds more hatred than love. I don’t like religion. It causes manipulation of the minds and divides humanity.

Yes, I do put on a rudraksha and a gold ring with topaz. But that’s only to humor my mother, who is a strict believer of the term “religion” that I so detest. I most certainly, do NOT endorse such an act of stupidity, and one has the complete right to sanity. Religion is nothing but losing faith in oneself. It is half knowledge which is completely empty. The existence of most is limited to this nothingness. Praying for a better tomorrow. Well, what’d you do of tomorrow if there’s no life today?

I remember having prayed to sleep a sleep and never to wake up. But since, I don’t see my peace nearing, I’d rather lose faith in that prayer. My life, I don’t find it worth living. And why should it be? For living one needs a companion, an understanding and a hope. I have companion(s); i.e., family and friends; but no hope, and no understanding. Many a times when I say something, I have to interpret it in 15 different ways, only to be failed in conveying what I really need. How can I say what I want if I can’t make it clear what I need?

Now after reading this, people would feel that I am only under the pressure of life, a.k.a. depression (which, to assure I am not, as, depression is sadness, but I am most certainly not sad) or hallucinated (which indeed I am not, because I do not have any medium for that). Look, all I am trying to say is, losing faith, or not believing, or not wanting to be present are not crimes or “sins”. We all have a right to thought and a right to express it and not be preached. I know sooner or later atheists become agnostics, and agnostics retain faith. But for the time being, it’s best to let things be the way they are. Who knows? It could be for the better if not for worse. It’s better to be reborn a new self in a dead life rather than being pumped into false leads.

What else am I to say? My country has given it in it's constitution the freedom to practice, preach and follow any religion of choice. Then why do wars happen in name of religion? Why the unrest, the riots, the hatered, the enemosity? My best friend, she's a palestiniam mouslem. My family's a sanatan hindu. I am proud to say that she's an elder sister to me. I love her as a family. We don't even share the same language. But love doesn't speak a language, nor follows a religion, and nor is limited to a boundary. And nor is freedom. This Independence day of India (August 15), yours truly, a.k.a., me, plan to spend with my grandparents, read some poetry and study.

Saare jahaan se achha Hindustan hamaara (Our India better than rest of the world) was written by a Pakistani mouslem?



Sunday, July 25


I am currently going to a coaching institute; apart from school, and my coaching is at Brilliant Tutorials. To those not familiar with this "coaching" having nothing to do with school, it is something like a cram school: a sort of training school to enable the students meet the higher goals of a particular entrance exam or some such goal. Brilliant currently trains students for IIT entrance/ AIEEE/ PMT. I have joined it for IIT course preparation. No, I don't know if I want to join IIT. I have no thoughts on future. I am a person who lives in today. What the future holds will unveil itself at the right time. No point in running after it. All we can do is lead a good life in the moment.

My math class on friday has taught me a valueable history lesson. Valueable because knowledge is never worthless, and the more you know, the more it helps. Our math teacher, often deviates from the topic going on in the class inorder to explain something relative to that particular topic. He was teaching us the benifits of knowing the smallest bits and pieces of details on no matter what. And we were introduced to PEPSU.
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
Former Home Minister of India

When India gained independence in 1947, it was divided into small kingdoms. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel used to be the Home Minister during that time. He was often considered as the "Iron Man" of India. While re-uniting the kingdoms inorder to form a country, he has said to have made negociations with the rulers. It was, at that time, given option to join India, Pakistan, or form an independant state. This particular man, did negociations with the rulers such as, leave the states, or we shall attack. In fact, this demanour of his was enough to inject fear in the heart of ruler of the state which we now know as "Haryana".

Patiala and East Punjab State Union
History has it, that originally India didn't have so many states as it now has. "PEPSU" is the collaboration of Patiala district ,Barnala district, Bhatinda district, Fatehgarh district, Sangrur district, Kapurthala district, Mohindergarh district, Kohistan district.The summer capital was Srinagar and the Winter capital was Patiala.

Now the roads of Punjab see two kind of busses. PEPSU and Punjab roadways.

The purpose of introduction to this bit part of the brief history isn't pure trivia, it is that a few years ago, Punjab was one big state. And a few more years ago, the Earth must have been one huge home. Why then does the originaton and division seperates us yet again and again?

Often it is seen that we are seperated either by language, color, religion, origin and certain things of irrelevence. Whenever the pigeons see each other, do they as from where the other is before sharing a bowl of water some kind soul must have left for them? Then why do we ask before inhibiting the same relation for each other?


Saturday, July 3

The Collective Heritage

Let me tell you this before hand, for this one blog I did needed a bit of research because the most fragile issue in this planet is racism, especially regarded that to religion. Even in my heaven, India, this is the most heart breaking realities.

Okay I know that my blog might be read by a few people who refer to themselves belonging to the category "Hindus". I mean, following the religion. History has it that the belonging of hindutva or the Aryan religion dates back to some 7500B.C. who came from the coasts of Caspian Seas, to settle in the sub Indian continent. I am not here to give a history lesson, but the words "Hindu" and "Hindustan" came to origin when a Mouslem invader, Babur invaded the country. The reason the four basic Hindu religions have the same Gods is because of the collective belonging. Really, sorry to pop your bubbles you racists, but Hindu is the term to anyone living in Hindustan. Not JUST some preachers.

For past couple of days, I have been keeping tab on the unrest in the Kashmir valley, which is the most heartbreaking news I have come across. Kashmir, the once heaven, now fosters as the underbelly of unrest and terrorism. Practically because army isn't willing to let people "just be". They aren't worried over the future, because they see that they have no future. Is this the India we are trying to create?

Face it guys, we don't have a collective heritage. The Aryan vansha is supposed to be following the practice of the Vedas ever since it came to existence. And the Mouslem folk are supposed to be following the Koran (or Horan in pronunciation). Both have the same basic principles. For example, the Koran doesn't permit seven marriages, but only one marriage, however, it is acceptable in the society if you give shelter to the needy seven women. IT DOES NOT REFER TO SEXUAL MISCONDUCT!

Hindutva does NOT fit you in any caste by birth. You have to prove yourself to belong to somewhere. For example, I can be a Brahman only if I attain knowledge enough to be spread. IT IS NOT BECAUSE OF THE WILL OF SOME GOD I AM BORN IN A HIGH CLASS FAMILY!

The worst thing is that the religious leaders of today are also preaching something that is for the collective good of a section as they claim, but the idea practically doesn't even do any good for the minority.

The reason I don't like the word God is that the wars happening in His name. My counter question that if God is such an advocate of love, why is there hatred in our hearts? Hate isn't the absence of love, rather the presence of a negative element, that can separate the one true bond, mother and child.

However, I am not an atheist. What I believe in isn't a religion. It's a collective heritage. I am a wanderer monk in my own ways. I only learn.My "God" is nature, the true chaos and the absolute truth that I have faith in. I wouldn't suggest anybody to follow my routes in life though, because everyone lead a different life.

But in my ways, I have found peace, freedom and certain things I can't tell. Maybe, because words are too small to express...

My new found freedom does bind me though. My religious unconventionalism, my mind make-ups stand out, maybe they are the ones binding me. At least they are better than being bounded to conventionalism.

So, sorry to pop all your bubbles and perceptions and preconceptions people, but the truth is truth.



Tuesday, June 29

Madness and The day...

Madness is a disease. A deadly one. A madwoman knows it better than anyone else. Yes, I know a lot of people call me crazy. Maybe, because I am crazy. I really am not concerned over it. I don't care of my craze. Practically because I am unconventional, unacceptable, and uncalled for. Generally people don't like to have me around. Treating me like a two minute company. And the same litany follows, "Neetz, you have beautiful thoughts... express them" or "you are so mature and childish at the same time" or "you seem so perfect"... Perfection is a lie if I can convey.

No one is perfect, because no one NEEDS to be perfect. Those who love us, love us. Those who hate us, hate us. Nothing we can do to change their opinion because if we do something, we are only fooling ourselves and the one who love us through and true.

It's really hard to let go off the anguish and the anger one has devoured for so long. Especially if it's been burning inside of you for far too long.

I am a person who can't pass a single day without reading the newspaper. It's something as important to me as breathing. I don't like watching news on TV. The news there is just dramatised. Plus, reading keeps the senses intact, especially reading on paper.

A few of the witnessed headlines that are going at the international level perked up my senses and sparked a bit of terror in my spine. Very un-linked, yet alike.

Washington supreme court issued the rights to arms to every US citizen. This is happening in a country, where there are average of 80 deaths a day and 34 homicides.

China's ant tribe and over crowded slums. University grads lead a life in a 180 square foot house with 3 at a time. These are some of the most comfortable accommodations they have access too.

Israelis, ignoring the admiration of their advancement in applied technologies; are invading the Turkish airspace. As if the Gaza stripe issue wasn't enough to be dealt with.

India's on the usual war with Naxals. However, theMaoists have left behind a deadbody (unlikely of them).

What I mean is, we see restlessness. Everywhere in this planet. The US militia's behavior in Iraq, especially to women and children. Main war is between the mouslem world's outcry to be spared.

A few bad seeds give the community a bad name. And no matter what our great leaders of "today" promise, we can never stop the bad seeds. Because, okay this one lot can be destroyed. What's the guarantee that there won't be another lot of bad seeds? If I need arms to make sure that I'd see the sunrise tomorrow, I am also aware to see what of the promised "social security" I have access to.

Yes, I have queer many ideas for a mad woman. Maybe that's the madness. I can see the world coming to an end.
"Aaj baazaar mein pa baajolaan chalo" or "Today, walk in the town square fettered in chains"
as Faiz had said some few ages back, we are walking indeed.

The age of technology, we're living in. We almost have access to artificial life, flight, travel over the forbidden areas. But we don't have access to walk without fear, or send the children of our house out to play in the distant corner of the streets without the fear of losing them.

The world is comming to an end. It's highly visible. But let this end be the last one, and we shall join our hands together to endavour a new beginning. As Socrates quoted,

"One day, every question shall be answered."

Friday, May 21

The Raising Darts

Of course, student life is one point of time which is the best to enjoy. Probably because we have no tension of earning a living, making ends meet, no security or anything as such. BUT it is also the most sickishly annoying time of life. Especially when the results are over head. Now, this season is all about result related jokes, subject requirement, requirement of the subject requirement and so on.

India is ALL about doctors and engineers. So it's always science. Medical or Non-medical. Oh and another option is Commerce. These are majority options. Actually most students opting for Non-medical end up getting a corporate job, hence, not making any contribution to the world of science.

A friend of mine sent me a few (actually a lot) result related pathetic jokes regarding the deadly six letter word is dreaded in every student's life: RESULT and that's the education system based on. Fear, mug up, diarrhoea and constipation.

Now that the deadly days are closing in by and the nights are getting restless, doomsday is near and so are the darts rising. On the students' head is an apple. Everyone have darts in their hands and are aiming for it. Let's see who survives.

Best of luck for the result. =) Be happy guys, some of us are going to the new class and some are getting the nostalgic nausea of the same old classroom. Nah! We all would do good.

I don't fear the result. Actually, what happens is that many of the students who fail, or are not able to get admission at a particular school/college, or get a particular subject commit suicides. And the most common method is by hanging. I fear of their death. Just a letter (though till last year, a number) is all it takes to differenciate life and death now.

I don't honestly care of my result. If I do good, obviously Non-medical (I do not intend a job in engineering or some such to be precise!) and if not that I'd take Humanities (I could make it as a writer or a comic actress at least). I know totally complex. However, I do NOT intend to be a corporate and/or work 9 to 5 in the same pathetic office under the same ugly boss on the same desk with the same machine. I want to make my living, but only for my two time bread and butter.

Whatever, fail or pass, there's always a tomorrow. Just we got to live to see it.


Friday, May 7

Playing for Change

So we all love music... right? And that music can reach through boundaries... right? Taking both they made some really good stuff and it's called Playing for a Change.

Like musicians from war affected countries play songs... folk and famous. And trust me, they're not some street performers, but actually talented musicians. Over 60 countries with a developing economy, not very upright polotical and social scenario and over 100 musicians (and some REALLY famous ones) are singing, playing and it's a grunge. Like a patchwork of various cultures.

All the time there's a different feeling. Combining various techniques to make something so... so soothing and unique and tranquil something like peace itself. And for a moment you ask yourself... "if the music doesn't mind co-existing, then why don't we?"

Like my personal favourite is this certain Tula in the chanda mama video from Tel Aviv and another Stefano Tomaselli. Italian and a great sax player! David Broza from Tel Aviv too very very very amazing guitarist. Yeah and the coolest thing is that reggae and classic music make an awesome combination.

You might have heard some of them before, but I personally reccomend you to listen to the Playing for Change versions too. You'll see the difference and appreciate it.

Oh that, and don't forget to visit their website cuz that's where you know how can you help the moment.

Now they've gone to Nepal too.

You can make a donation, stand for the cause, encourage peace and music, and well a lot. Really, we're all tired of War and need no more trouble.



Thursday, April 29

The concrete jungle

My darling sweet gullible cousin Dinima and I are more of best friends. We live in the same locality, in the same building and most of the times, we're together. Our locality is a contrast of a farmlands (which are almost extinct) and vast buildings. From my house, you can't see any of the land.

This place, it has it's own history in land division. The YADAV community owned huge lands here. And their idea of claiming land was... as some might say... unique. Any strong person would hit the stick on the ground and the land till where the voice was audible was taken under. This nomadic, farmer tribe still owns lands here. However mordernisation and urbanisation came gradually, housing requirements increased and so did price of land. The Yadav community is rich (at least more than the educated ones) as they are selling out the strength of their previous generations- the land.

The stick practice is gone. But farmlands are as endangered as tigers. Perhaps even more.

I went with Dinima at her friends. A very modern and hi-tech locality. From the sixth floor, the view of the farmlands was something breath taking. From this side I could see their very modern swimming pool and the primitivity of farm culture seperated by a very thin line of the housing demand.

"Dinima," I called out. She (apparently interrupted) turned her face towards me with a "yeah?" expression.

"See that farm."

"Yeah, I've seen... pretty cool."

"Yeah that," I said. "And maybe there'll be a builing like this there..." Of course, to her the images are beautifully preserved. Reality is devastating. She was apparently hurt by this fact as I.

We people have already given up on our values all in the name of modernity. Sometimes, it feels that my thoughts are just conservative. But I am not saying don't sell the land if you need money, all I am saying, is keep some as a part of ancestral treasure. You never know when it might just come in handy.



Monday, April 26

The Developed Cannibal

chash-e-nam jaan-e-shorida kaafi nahi
tohmat-e-ishq-e-poshida baqi nahi
aaj bazaar mein paa baajola chalo

These words are from one of my favorite poems by one of my favorite authors, Faiz. In simple english, these words mean

moist eyes, sacrificed lives aren't enough
the love nurtured privately isn't enough
today walk in the town square fettered in chains

Maybe Faiz saw it before us. As many say, this was written by Faiz on the condition of Pakistan when democracy was disembled. Faiz, on the contrary, was a communist. In my view, Faiz, from this poem, predicted our lives today. We all are prisoners in the drape of a free citizens. What is law but imprisoner of self will? We need laws, only if we are vulnerable to others. So what makes them say that the laws are sufficient?

Today, the Times of India, one of the leading newspapers, says that US president Barrack Obama has given a nod to the missile which can hit anywhere from anywhere in one hour, even at an altitude above 350,000 ft! Don't we have enough destruction machines? Yes, the modern day free citizens are all walking fettered in chains with fascist rulers blind as justice itself (as many say in hindi, Andha kanoon or blind justice).

Although the Thinking Tree suppliment yesterday, says that "testosterone" hormone is responisble for wars. Well, that person HAS to witness something called back "bitching" and "cat fights" if that person is too obsessed with "dog wars". No gender particularly is to blame. HUMANITY has lost it's value for human rights (as if it had any).

Comming back to the one hour missile, what's the guarantee that only Osama will be killed? I mean, it could strike anywhere and maybe kill someone innocent.

Nazis were German, and Einstein was German. Does that have to mean that Einstein was a Nazi? Well, destroying the whole race of Pashtun speaking people doesn't have to mean all the terrorists were killed.

Maybe this weapon of mass destruction isn't such a bad idea. Maybe it will kill Osama. Then what? Our great world leaders would successfully save us from terrorism, with nothing else to do. Or maybe they'll bread another Osama for their little "hunt" and push over their nuclear experts to design some more "mordern" weapons and finally when they'll be tired of this, they'll start a war.

The truth is Homo sapiens can NEVER get enough. We enjoy others' miseries as it makes us feel that we're in a much better position.

First the human tribes fought with animals of the wild, displacing them, causing extinction. Mother nature also gave them a bit support and gave them control of the world. Now they are showing their "human" nature and fighting withing their own species for a better space and an upper hand. Mother nature was wrong. Even with our stomach fill, with our skins covered, with a roof over our head, we can NEVER be in harmony with all around us.

Rare species are still being hunt/poached killed, Human traficking still going on, victims of domestic violence, other violence, drug abuse, sex abuse are still demanding justice, wars still going on, leaders still manipulating public, people still commit suicides, and the circus goes on with one, but one ring master in the middle leading us through. We are still unaware of the spectators.

Stephen Hawkings, one of the world's leading scientist has proposed that aliens exist and might be among us. Maybe they enjoy the human circus of mordernised cannibalism.

Inorder to convince myself, that this moment, I am leading a happy life knowing that all my loved ones are safely alive and those who are not are at a better place than here,



Sunday, April 25

Law of club and fang

Before reading, the following equations have some relevance. That is, IF you chose to read.

Creatures. Alive. Fang. Savage. Club. Human.

Arranging in a proper sequence to equate it,

Creatures= Alive

Fang= Savage

Club= Human

Human+Savage=ADVANTAGE of Club over Fang.

After reading Call of the wild, a savage, however tamed or trained, doesn't belong to us. In the end it is called by wild. The thought process around London is that he himself has been away from the society almost all his life. He knew the human society, "law" and the inorder of order. Yet he chose to be away.

Not my inspiration, I don't own anything. Maybe that's why somewhere, I am the indirect reason for this law.

Embarrassment fell on Buck with his first snow. 'Tis purely Jack London. No other man can ever put something so trivial in such an exactly real and free manner. The evolved savage, and the mechanised cannibals need to know a lot. Firstly, chosing "Buck" as the hero of the story... hats off to him.

They often mention Darwin, Survival of the fittest. But they often do forget the law of artificial selection.

Maybe, we too are often called by the wild. Maybe, there's a Buck in all of us.

Yours Truly,

A little intro

Taking my inintials in greek, N and D become nu and delta. Since greek and physics have a confusing but unbreakable bond, nu is frequency and delta is displacement. There you go, frequency of displacement.

Now people have reasons for the world's most unconventional names. I'd quote Chandler Bing (from Friends) "that's nothing, I had an uncle named Bottom." Human race always found unconventional either stupid or funny, and being "normal" has become a priority.

Considering my name, Neetzi, it's funny too. Actually sometimes name makes who you are. As for me, goofy and cool. My fam's really cool, ma's the world's best cook and dad's the world's second best cook. My cousis are in a way my best friends. And my friends, they just could be sooooooo better!!! (haha)

The other day I was reading a friend's blog... So I thought, why not? Here you go, I have a blog now... So for now, I'd be the kind of person with nothing else to do but update my blog every week, read comments (if anyone cares to actually post) and enjoy all the... whatever you'd call it (commotion?). Practically dull and boring, if nothing interesting and cool.

Peace out!